Parent Information

It’s hard to know what to expect when you’re first enrolling in childcare. So to make it easier for you, we’ve created a section of frequently asked questions.

This page contains helpful information about what to expect from childcare, what to bring on your child’s first day and other useful information such as links to government sites with information about any benefits you may be entitled to.

If you require further information or have any questions, please feel free to call or drop in to our centre to discuss your needs with the Centre Director.

What are the operating hours for Early Learning Centre Rose Grange?

We are open form 6.30am – 6.30pm Monday to Friday. We are closed public holidays.

Do you provide meals?

Yes, our Centre Cook prepares the children’s meals fresh daily and will cater for your child’s dietary requirements.

What additional inclusions are also covered in the daily cost?

At Early Learning Centre Rose Grange we also provide:

  • Nappies and wipes
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra-Curricular activities, excursions and incursions
  • A sun safety hat

What is the daily cost of child care?

Early Learning Centre Rose Grange will supply you with a current fee schedule on request, and during your centre tour. All families must contact the Family Assistance Office to determine their eligibility for financial assistance and register for Child Care Benefit (CCB).

Families entitled to the Child Care Rebate (CCR) can nominate the rebate directly to the centre to reduce their weekly out of pocket expenses. Alternatively CCR can be paid directly to the family.

What are Orientation Days?

Prior to your child’s first day at Early Learning Centre Rose Grange, we encourage families to take advantage of our FREE orientation days. This allows the family and child to come in for a few hours each day, exchange information with classroom educators and settle your child in to their new learning environment. We usually recommend at least 3 orientation visits before the child’s first day, however we are flexible with the number of days, as each child will settle in at their own pace.

What is an absent day?

Absences from the Centre

Parents/guardians are required to contact the centre if their child is unable to attend for the day. If your child is unable to attend due to a contagious illness, then notification must be made by the parent/guardian to the Centre Director to discuss the period the child will be absent.

CCS is paid in certain circumstances when a family is charged for care that their child does not attend. Absences are categorised into two Groups; Absence Days and Additional Absence Days.

Absence Days

CCS is paid for up to 42 absence days for each child per financial year across all approved LDC services, FDC services, IHC services and OSHC services. Absence days are referred to as ‘Initial 42 Days Absence’ in the family assistance law.

• Each child receives a new set of initial 42 Absence Days at the beginning of the financial year.

• These absence days can be taken for any reason provided the day being reported

as absence is a day on which care would have otherwise been provided.

• These absence days cannot be reported before a child has begun care or after a child has left care.

Additional Absent Days

Once all the first 42 absence days have been used CCS will also be payable for absences taken for the following reasons:

• Illness (with a medical certificate);

• Non-immunisation (with written evidence);

• Rostered days off/rotating shift work (with written evidence);

• Temporary closure of a school or pupil-free days;

• Periods of local emergency;

• Shared care arrangements due to a court order, parenting plan or parenting order (with copy of documentation);

• Attendance at preschool;

• Exceptional circumstances.

Absence days taken for the above reasons, after the first 42 absence days have been used, are called ‘Additional Absence Days’. There is no limit on the number of these days for which CCS may be paid, as long as the following occurs:

• They are taken for the reasons specified above;

• Supporting documentation (where required) is provided to the Centre Director;

• They are days on which care would otherwise have been provided.

CCS is payable for Additional Absence Days where a child, parent, sibling or another individual with whom the child lives is ill.

A medical certificate is required to support the payment of CCS in these cases. However, a parent on worker’s compensation, or a parent or child with a medical certificate specifying that he/she has a long term illness, does not need a separate medical certificate for each absence day.

Once the initial 42 absence days are used, CCS can only be paid for absences due to illness where supporting documentation is provided. You must ensure you keep copies of this documentation.

Public Holidays

Public Holidays will be counted as an absent day if:

• If the child would normally have attended the  centre on that day if it were not a Public Holiday and;

• Fees have been charged in respect of the absent child for the day;

• CCS is payable for Public Holidays at the normal rate.

On return to the centre after any absence, parents/ guardians must speak with the Centre Director

or classroom staff to sign the attendance sheets / kiosk indicating a reason why the child was away to ensure that Child Care Subsidy is given if eligible and applied during the absence.

Please note: as the centre is not aware of the day a public holiday falls each calendar year. It is the policy of the centre to charge the “normal fee” for all public holidays that occur each calendar year at the centre.

• For more information on the above topics please contact the Family Assistance Office at: 

• For families who require a Family Assistance  Office Multilingual Telephone Service please call: 13 12 02

Illness Absence from the Centre

If your child is absent from the centre due to illness, fees are still payable regardless of whether a Medical Certificate is supplied or not. There are no discounts available for illness related absences at the centre. If your child is absent due to illness you are required to initial the Sign In and Out Sheets / or via kiosk on your child’s next day of attendance to legally verify the record.

Who can collect my child?

When filling out your child’s enrolment form, families can nominate 2 emergency contacts who have authorisation to collect their child. If for some reason these emergency contacts are unable to collect your child, authorisation for another person can be granted, please speak directly with the Centre Director for more information.

Emergency contacts must show photo identification when collecting your child from Early Learning Centre Rose Grange.

What do I need to bring each day?

When packing your child’s bag for the day please bring:

  • Change of clothes (several changes including shoes if your child is toilet training);
  • A jumper or jacket in case the weather changes;
  • A sun safe hat which covers your child’s ears, neck and face;
  • Comfort item such as teddy, blanket, dummy (in a sealed container) or family photo;
  • Bottles;
  • Formula or expressed milk (if required);
  • Sipper cups or water bottles;
  • Nappy creams (this can remain at the centre); and
  • Any medications – This will need to be given directly to the educators on arrival.

Please ensure everything is clearly labelled with your child’s first and surname.

Your child’s first day

The first day of Childcare or Kindergarten can be quite overwhelming and daunting for some families. We are here to support the transition for your child and your family. There are so many things to think about; what to expect, how long do I stay when I drop them off, what should I pack, how should I dress them? Our friendly staff are here to help you and your child settle in on your first day. We have put together a little checklist below to help you prepare for the big first day!

Download your check list

Our Community Directory

To show our support to the local community Early Learning Centre Rose Grange has created a Community Directory to assist families in their parenting role. Included in this directory is a list of doctors, emergency services, parenting advice and support services and much more!

Download your directory here

Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten teacher has a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. Our Kindergarten Teacher adopts a play based curriculum approach with intentional teaching strategies to prepare the children for the following year of formalised schooling.

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