Our Curriculum

Our educational curriculum has been carefully designed to cater for each child’s individual strengths and interests. Our curriculum is centred on the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the Early Childhood Developmental Domains. We foster children’s physical, cognitive, social, spiritual, and emotional development through the goals we set and the experiences we provide.

Children’s learning is assessed throughout the year, and formally assessed twice a year, in consultation with families. We encourage open discussions with each family about their child’s development, and how we can best support their individual needs and requirements.

We take the time to observe children’s learning styles based on Howard Gardener’s multiple intelligence theory, and we customise individual educational plans for each child to ensure they reach their full potential.

Our skilled Educators collate observations, artwork samples, photos, and achievements to create a learning journal for families to view, contribute to, and keep at the end of each calendar year.

Our Educators

At Early Learning Centre Rose Grange we are proud of our long-standing Educators who we value as professionals within our industry. Our Educators all hold either a Certificate III, Diploma or Bachelor qualification.

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Fresh, Nutritious Meals

Nutrition plays an important role in the development and growth of children. Our aim is to educate and provide children with a healthy balanced diet so they can use this knowledge and healthy eating habit as a lifelong skill.

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Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten teacher holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. Our Kindergarten Teacher adopts a play-based curriculum approach with intentional teaching strategies, to prepare the children for the first year of formalised schooling.

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