The Free Nappy Movement

At Early Learning Centre Rose Grange, we want children to grow up with the best possible start in life, but we also understand the financial burden it takes to raise them. We want to ease this burden on parents so you can focus on the things that truly matter: spending more time with your children and less time worrying about money.

That’s why we created the The Free Nappy Movement! From now on, every child in our care aged from 0-3 years who is enrolled for four or more days a week will receive one box of nappies every week for three months – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Contact us and join the Free Nappy Movement today!

1. Minumum 4 days per week enrolment
2. For children aged 0-3 years
3. Limit of one box of nappies per child per week, with box-sizing as follows: (infant x54 nappies; crawler x52 nappies; toddler x46 nappies; walker x44 nappies; junior x40 nappies)
4. Nappies must be collected by the parent in-centre each week on Monday. Brand of nappies supplied will be the same as used in centre